V.I.P. limousine transfers is an offer of Diamond Limousine Service GmbH, Philippine-Welser-Straße 18 / Top 14, 6020 Innsbruck. The general terms of business of Diamond Limousine Service GmbH are an integral part of every agreement involving personal-transport offeirngs of Diamond Limousine Service GmbH. At the time of conclusion of contract, only the latest general terms of business of Diamond Limousine Service GmbH as published in the website / are valid and applicable.


With the written confirmation of an offer presented by Diamond Limousine Service GmbH, the client gives a binding offer. Diamond Limousine Service GmbH confirms this offer as soon as possible or declines it. Only as of the confirmation of the reserved order byDiamond Limousine Service GmbH, which in most cases takes place via email, do the general business terms between client and Diamond Limousine Service GmbH become valid. In case of errors on the part of Diamond Limousine Service GmbH, these must be reported as soon as possible, otherwise they remain without legal recourse.


An offer, i.e. price quotation, is valid for 90 days starting with the date the offer is made. Short-term alterations in the modalities of the trip with the driver must be arranged and agreed upon with the driver. Additional driving routes and waiting times will be invoiced by Diamond Limousine Service GmbH in accordance with the price regulations which are valid at the time of the contract. A shortening of the trip or of the waiting times has no influence on the agreed upon invoice amount. In case the client is not a guest on the trip, the actual guest has the right to demand short-term alterations in the trip modalities. Overweight luggage, animals, children under 12 years of age or smaller than 150 cm need to be registered at Diamond Limousine Service GmbH. Otherwise the trip may not be able to be carried out. In any case, the full price must be invoiced. Accidents, traffic jams or overloaded traffic do not have any consequences on costs for the client.


Diamond Limousine Service GmbH has the following offers, which include special vehicles.

4.1 Mercedes S-Class and Mercedes V-Class

Depending on the number of guests, the contract will be fulfilled with a Mercedes S-Class (1-3 passengers) or with a Mercedes V-Class vehicle (as of 4 passengers). The standard possibilities for re-arranging the reservation, cancelling the reservation, and rules regarding late arrival (see re-booking, cancellation, lateness) apply.


Any and all alterations in the driving modalities and cancellations must be registered at least 24 hours before the beginning of the trip at Diamond Limousine Service GmbH. No re-arrangement fees are charged. Changes made less than 24 hours before the launch of the trip cannot always be honored and must be confirmed with a supplementary fee. In case of waiting times for clients or delayed flights, clients must pay the full amount which is invoiced. The driver waits for two hours; if the client does not appear within that time, the contract is cancelled and the client is invoiced for the full price, plus two hours of waiting time at the valid prices for the booked class for waiting time.


Guests in the vehicle must ride with safety belts secured and children secured in their children’s seats in accordance with current and valid laws. The consequential costs in case of wrong operation and destruction of the equipment of the vehicle by guests will be invoiced to the clients. During the trip, smoking is prohibited in the vehicle. Even food which has been brought along by the clients can be eaten only if the vehicle in no way becomes soiled. Actions contrary to this rule can lead to the immediate expulsion of the guests and invoicing of the damages which have been incurred. These damages must be paid in cash.


Diamond Limousine Service GmbH is not liable for consequential, i.e. follow-up costs which ensue due to accidents, traffic jams, heavy traffic or acts of God. Diamond Limousine Service GmbH assumes no liability for theft which occurs when the guests are not present. Diamond Limousine Service GmbH assumes no liability for incidental material damages which may occur during the trip.
Diamond Limousine Service GmbH is empowered to change the general terms of business at any time and without public announcement of such. The legal venue is the State Court of Innsbruck (Landesgericht Innsbruck). Cutoff date for these terms: 2019.